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Daptiv Introduces Work Intelligence: Helping Enterprises Get Stuff Done Better, Faster and Smarter

New Edition of Daptiv Provides Unparalleled Visibility into Work Across Projects and Teams in the Mid-Office

SEATTLE, WA — November 12, 2007 — Daptiv, the on-demand leader in collaborative business software, today announced the launch of Daptiv PPM Fall ’07 Edition, providing a strategic system of record that delivers an easy way of planning, executing, tracking and reporting on work in the enterprise. PPM Fall Edition introduces Work Intelligence: a set of capabilities designed to give staff at every level visibility into business operations and key performance data through drill-down reporting, drag-and-drop dashboard creation and data visualization.

In separate news today, Daptiv, which was previously known as eProject, also launched its new name and branding. Refer to the press release, eProject Becomes Daptiv: A New Software Brand Delivering Better Ways to Collaborate.

With Work Intelligence and an emphasis on facilitating collaboration between teams, Daptiv PPM Fall Edition streamlines employees' day-to-day interaction, reduces the complexity of managing distributed teams, projects and tasks, and boosts efficiency across the board. Daptiv is designed for business users in all roles and at companies of all sizes, and features an intuitive user interface, point-and-click configuration, and fast creation of custom forms, reports and alerts. Any Daptiv user can also quickly create new applications and features that function within the overall collaborative environment, without needing development or technical know-how.

"The combination of custom and native data in Daptiv lets us more accurately reflect the status of our projects and their impact to the entire company. Having that level of visibility into our data opens up a whole new world of information we can provide back to users. In addition, the updated product allows users to quickly and easily create customized applications without needing any software development training,” said Tammy Ault, senior project manger, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City. “Daptiv also lets us deliver information almost instantaneously with more visual impact and drag and drop dashboarding across any number of data sets, ultimately helping us to make better, more informed decisions and make the best use of resources.”

With market leading reporting and analytics, users have access to sophisticated report building for both native and custom data from within the Daptiv environment. With Daptiv Fall ’07 Edition, users can:

  • Customize their reports to suit their roles – team members can capture and easily format data on the fly to send to other team members in consumable formats such as Excel or PDF
  • Managers can send a Project Snapshot report to stakeholders either within or outside of the Daptiv environment
  • Business analysts can build robust reports with data visualization, calculations, and time information for more impact
  • Executive managers can drag and drop reporting widgets into their Daptiv dashboard to create specified PMO and financial dashboards to get the overall picture

Work Intelligence truly allows organizations to make informed decisions about resource allocation, planning and forecasting based on real-time information gathered across the enterprise.

“Daptiv Fall Edition enables companies to transform everyday work, increase collaboration and gain keen insight into how that work is impacting overall business goals,” said Jeff Pancottine, CEO of Daptiv. “Our objective was to provide our customers with real insight into the work happening throughout their organizations, and we are realizing this through our partnership with the leading independent business intelligence vendor, Cognos. Their sophisticated BI tools allowed us to create and deliver Daptiv Work Intelligence, an on-demand environment, in record time – a vital asset since time to innovation is one of the key benefits of software-as-a-service. People can now easily report on data and share that information across teams. Through data visualization and ad hoc reporting, companies in a wide range of verticals can better focus on the right work to execute faster and more efficiently.”

Pricing and Availability

Daptiv PPM Fall ’07 Edition will be live on November 18 and standard pricing is $50 per user per month. Standard PPM subscriptions include the ability to consume reports and report objects and to build drag-and-drop dashboards. Daptiv is also introducing two new tools to create reports and dashboard objects: Daptiv Report Builder, which works with Daptiv PPM, is typically used by business users and managers and is an additional $20 per user per month. Daptiv Advanced Report Builder also works with Daptiv PPM, and is intended for business analysts and users who create complex and highly visual reports or report widgets for others in their organization to use as part of their dashboard. Daptiv Advanced Report Builder requires an additional $50 per user per month subscription.

About Daptiv Inc.

Founded in 1997, Daptiv is the on-demand leader in collaborative business software that enables companies of all sizes to transform their mid-office business operations. From new product development to operations and service delivery, Daptiv’s on-demand solutions streamline employees’ day-to-day interaction and collaboration while dramatically reducing the complexity of managing multiple teams, projects and tasks. Daptiv also gives executives unparalleled visibility into project, program and portfolio execution, as well as the ability to measure progress against key business priorities. Daptiv’s flexible environment easily adapts to the work management needs of any department – from IT and finance to marketing and human resources – with an intuitive user interface, point-and-click system configuration and fast creation of forms, reports and alerts. Based in Seattle, Washington, Daptiv has already transformed the mid-office for more than 700 customers and 100,000 individuals at companies such as BASF, BP, Cushman and Wakefield, Chase Paymentech, Honeywell, Merrill Lynch, Sprint/Nextel, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, and RealNetworks. For more information visit


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